Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Core of The Greatest Hotels

Why are good hotels so hard to find these days? Before that question can be answered, the reason why people go to these places must be identified. The typical reason is traveling or tourism, but that is incredibly broad! Is it business or pleasure? Is it a solo trip or a family trip? At the core of any of these reasons, people book reservations at these places to have somewhere to relax while they're away from home. If a place of lodging wants to be successful, then it should do its absolute best to make guests feel like they're in their "home away from home."
Now, what makes so many hotels fail to impress their guests? It could be any number of reasons, such as horrible housekeeping services, uncomfortable beds, and unreasonable prices. A dangerously low budget, a perilously undersized staff, and an oversized business operation that's impossible to run are also potential reasons worth mentioning. It should be noted that unhappy guests come from both the tiniest inns and the biggest resorts, though. At the end of the day, these places of lodging succeed or fail based on the people providing the experience to the guests. Without good service, these places become little more than large apartment buildings.
It's certainly no secret that the hospitality industry is a service business at its core. The people who work at hotels aren't building cars or growing crops, because they're busy pleasing other people. Successful people in this field go above and beyond in their service giving. Whether they fluff pillows nicely or respond extra early to room service calls, guests will remember these little things when they review the establishment. Reviews are definitely not to be taken lightly, because they can either be an establishment's best friend or its worst enemy.
Another thing one must know about service is that the breadth matters just as much as the depth! Any hotels worth their salt will provide their guests with a literal and figurative feast of goodies to devour. Restaurants on the premises and food from room service must be top shelf! Also, a well-designed gym area should be in place for people who want to get workouts in during their stay. Of course, one can't forget about shopping boutiques, golf courses, swimming pools, beach proximity (if located in a coastal town), and massage services, either. There's still plenty more to throw on the proverbial table, as well.
Without a doubt, hotels are vigorously pouring time, money, and effort into finding ways to trump each other in pleasing their guests from check-in to checkout. Some succeed and become lodging legends, while others fall into obscurity. If the people behind these buildings are wise at all, they'll do well to remember that superior service is the key to victory. Both breadth and depth cannot be ignored; otherwise there will be complaints to be had, for certain. Five-star ratings only go the strongest, the smartest, and the most hospitable.
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