Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Cheap Travel and Beautiful Scenery

My wife and I enjoyed a beautiful trip to Montreal Canada. The home of hockey, maple trees, Cortland apples and of course The Oratory. When we traveled into Montreal, we discovered a serenity that was completely foreign to us. The sides of the roads as we traveled into Canada were green and lush with beautiful grass and country side surrounding the area. An untouched portion of heaven that had been positioned within the borders of Canada. As we continued to travel closer to Montreal, we soon came upon the beautiful city. We were fortunate to travel there prior to 9-11.
Our first visit was to St. Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal. We gazed upon the concrete steps and were told how people would go up the steps to be healed by St. Joseph and the room that was full of crutches where people had traveled to the top of the steps and were miraculously healed and able to walk without any assistive devices after their journey to the Oratory. Numerous Nativity scenes were setup as we traveled there during Christmas season. Votive candles illuminated the massive chapel and the stain glass that reflected numerous religious scenes glowed from the outside. The robust statue of St. Joseph surpassed any expectation that either my Wife or I had ever had. The Stations of the Cross were true to live and as one would travel from one station to the next, the feeling of contentment and the absence of stress was phenomenal. When someone travels to Montreal this has to be on your list to see.
Next, we traveled to the famous McGill University. We entered the campus and toured the majestic buildings and architecture. How the buildings stood above the rest, the campus was unsoiled and systematic. One of the highest ranked Medical Schools that is internationally known for its research in Medicine and Green Environmental studies to name but a few. The columnar structure are as bold as the students that travel there from 150 different countries. We stayed in the dormitories watching fireworks out the window and drinking Labatt Blue beer. It was amazing stress reduction, maybe not weight loss as the Canadian food is ohh so good.
We then traveled to The Bell Center in downtown Montreal. There we proceeded to see the Montreal Canadians defeat the New Jersey Red Devils in an overtime shootout. What could have been better than that? There was absolute pandemonium before the puck was dropped and my wife and I traveled through the Bell Center seeing the eccentric decoration of memories of hockey players who had played the game and their game jerseys that had been retired. Again, weight loss was not on the agenda with the fantastic fries covered with gravy and of course a hockey game wouldn't be complete without at least 1 beer.
After seeing the Montreal Canadians by just traveling a bit we decided to stay another night and then went to The Choko Design shop as we owned snowmobiles and planned to travel through the Laurentian Mountains. The clothing that we purchased was exceptionally cheap for our travels and top quality workmanship. We still have the clothing and the durability is outstanding.
To summarize: This blissful travel and the amount of money we saved was extremely outrageous. The courteous people, the serene environment's and most of all the memories we obtained are absolutely priceless. All because we used network marketing. What a treat, one that I'm sure my wife nor I will not long forget.
by Brent Skipper

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