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Top Things To Do in Thailand

Thailand is a hive of activity, rife for exploring. With an abundance of beautiful beaches and other natural attractions, Thailand is a fascinatingly beautiful country that can simply be summed up as a tropical island paradise. Yet it doesn't stop there, coupled with its exotic beauty Thailand is steeped in a rich cultural history that shapes day to day life offering visitors tranquility, by way of sacred temples and spaces. Extremists and spiritualists alike can be found mingling throughout this enticing country, where there really is something for everyone. Short on time but want to experience it all? Below we have listed our top things to do in Thailand.
Elephant Trekking
Synonymous with the Thai adventure, elephant trekking has become an integral part of Thailand's tourism. While this is an incredible experience it is important to note that the treatment of elephants in Thailand can often be questionable. Our advice; do your research before bookings an elephant trek. Make sure your tour company is supported by the Asian Elephant Foundation of Thailand to ensure an eco-friendly experience.
Flight of the Gibbon
Experience the rainforest and all its delights from above. Zip line through the treetops with a bevy of wild animals including the nearly extinct wild gibbons. Available from both Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Flight of the Gibbon is an experience you won't forget.
Muay Thai
The most popular spectator sport in Thailand, Muay Thai is not for the faint hearted, the aggressive martial art is a riveting sport to watch. Being a part of the crowd is an experience in itself, immerse yourself amongst the passionate crowds. Our advice: In tourist areas many of the demonstrations are purely for show, to find an authentic Muay Thai match talk to the locals, many will be happy to escort you themselves.
Thai Massage
You really cannot visit Thailand without receiving a traditional Thai massage. With an abundance of spas throughout the country, offering a wide array of price points there really is no excuse. The holistic techniques aim realign your physical and mental health.
Cooking Class
Learn how to master the simple fusion of exotic flavors used in Thai cuisine by taking a class in Thai cooking. Classes range from easy to intensive and you will be taught which ingredients and techniques are used to create famous dishes. What better way to show off to your friends than hosting a dinner party upon your return and spoiling your friends with an authentic taste of Thailand.
Thailand's crystal clear waters offer ample opportunity for diving. Spectacular underwater reefs and rock formations are filled with colourful and exotic marine life. From beginner to experienced dive courses, cruises and sites are readily available. The variety and diversity of each site make Thailand's waters world-class.
Visit a Temple
With its rich cultural history Thailand has many striking temples scattered throughout. Remove yourself from the swarms of tourists and take some time out, wander aimlessly and find your inner zen. Our advice: Head to Chiang Mai, Thailand's spiritual capital and home to some of the most beautiful temples in Asia.
Street Markets
One of our favourite things to do in Thailand is head to the markets. Shoppers delight at the array of goods found in Thailand's many markets. From designer fakes to stunning silks and homewares, you can find anything at a bargain price. Our advice: Don't forget to barter, it's half the fun and you can knock off up to 40% off the original offer at times!
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